SMASH Level 1

Single Malt And Single Hop
Pale Ale / Alc. 5,3% Vol.


DDH New Zealand IPA
Single Hop Rakau / Alc. 6,2% Vol.


East Coast IPA
Single Hop Strata / Alc. 6,2% Vol.

Blackberry Porter

Blackberry Porter
Alc. 5,5% Vol.


Cold Brew Milk Stout
Alc. 5,5% Vol.


Triple IPA
Single Hop Bru-1
Alc. 9,5% Vol.

Citra Double NEIPA

Double New England IPA
Single Hop Citra
Alc. 8% Vol.

Amore Mio

Aperitiovo Lager
Brewed with Orange & Grapefruit
Alc. 4,9% Vol. – Collab w/ Tomba Brew


Hazy IPA · Alc. 6,8% Vol.
Collab w/ KuehnKunzRosen & Schwarze Rose

Crystal Dreams

Single Hop Hazy DIPA
Alc. 8,3% · Brewed w/ Cystal Hops (US)

Raspberry Milkshake

Milkshake IPA
Alc. 5,8% · Brewed w/ Monroe Hops, Raspberries & Lactose

Summer Of 69

Single Hop West Coast IPA
Alc. 6,9% · Hopped w/ Chinook (US)

Citrazoid Lemonhaze

Pale Ale w/ Lemon- & Orange-Peel
Alc. 4,9% · Hopped w/ Citra (US)

From Far Away

Single Hop Session Pale Ale
Alc 3,6% · Hopped w/ Enigma (AUS)

Ipasode Series

Single Hop IPA
Alc 6,2% · Various Hops

Small Things

Belgian Style Table Beer
Alc 3,6% · Hopped w/ Chinook & Mosaic

Hazy In Love

Hazy Pale Ale
Alc 5,3% · Hopped w/ Topaz & Cascade
Collab w/ Eichhörnchen Bräu

Midnight Hour

Single Hop Black IPA
Alc. 5,8% · 100% Cryo Cascade Hops

High Riser

Single Hop Pale Lager
Alc 5% · Hopped w/ Mosaic

Big City Life

Single Hop New England IPA
Alc 6,5% · Hopped w/ Citra


Single Hop Modern Lager
Alc 4,9% · Hopped w/ Cluster

Blurry Lights

Single Hop Hazy Pale Ale
Alc 5,3% · Hopped w/ Centennial

Mellow Clouds

Double Dry Hopped Session IPA
Alc 3,8% · Collab with Vagabund

Monster Party

Single Hop IPA
Alc 6,2% · Collab w/ Gorilla & ANALOG

Galactic Splash

Milkshake New England IPA
Alc 6,2% · w/ Passionfruit, Mango & Vanilla

Enter The Deep

Single Hop Double IPA
Alc 8% · Hopped w/ Ekuanot

Country Roads

Single Hop Weizen
Alc 5,3% · Hopped w/ Amarillo

Green Magic

Single Hop Session IPA
Alc 4,4% · Hopped w/ Azacca

Party Party

Single Hop Pale Ale
Alc 4,9% · Hopped w/ Warrior

Sasima City

Modern Pils
Alc 4,9% · Unfiltered & Dry Hopped

Paradise Club

Single Hop IPA
Alc 6,2% · Hopped with Cryo POP

Wicked Woods

West Coast IPA
Alc 7,2% · Post-Modern Classic


New England IPA
Alc 6,7% · Dry hopped with Cryo Hops